Publisher package

Buchen Sie das Publisher-Paket für 13.950 € zzgl. USt. (buchbar bis 6 Wochen vor

  • 18m² area 6m x 3m, incl. Auma fee (0.60 € per m²)
  • 6m rear wall + 2x 3m side walls, with textile print
  • 4 PC + screen (HP Omen Gaming Laptop | RTX 2070 (or comparable), 24" Dell P2415Q desktop monitor, headset, mouse, keyboard)
  • 10kW power connection + grounding + consumption with three 230V sockets
  • Cleaning (floor, tables, chairs) + 60L garbage disposal
  • 2 tables (HxWxD: 74x160x80 cm)
  • 4 chairs
  • long arm spotlights
  • 6 exhibitor passes
  • Carpet rips (color dependent on placement)
  • including hybrid package (QR code + catalog page)

Tablecloths or similar coverings or decorative elements are not provided.
Exhibitor catering or party tickets can be ordered online for a fee.

Bookable options:

Upholstered chair

starting at € 39


starting at € 51

Gaming PCs

starting at € 871

...and much more!
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  • Conveniently calculate costs
  • Book individual and system exhibition stands
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  • Download forms for special services
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Hall plan

Hall A1 creates the environment for gaming, retro games, VR, through to eSports, with play stations, stages and the possibility to experience our influencers up close. Book your stand here and reserve the spot according to the specified size and with a tailor-made stand construction package.

Hall A4 brings together the worlds of pop culture, Asia, artists, anime, merch, table top and even cosplay. Reserve your table-package here or book exhibition space, which you design yourself within these worlds.


The Polaris convention will be taking place from 13 - 15 October 2023 at the exhibition center Hamburg Messe und Congress.

  • Friday (13.10.): 12:00 - 20:00
  • Saturday (14.10.): 10:00 - 20:00
  • Sunday (15.10.): 10:00 - 18:00

Entry is free for children under 8 years old as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

  • There is no minimum age if the child is accompanied by an adult.
  • Children above 16 can enter without their parents. If a child under 16 has a written note by their parents allowing them to go on their own, that is also fine!

A visitor registration (noting the number of children and their names) is required when purchasing the Bring-your-kids ticket. The ticket is valid only on Sunday and grants entry to one adult with up to six children under 18.

Please note that there may be areas with games that are not meant for younger audiences. The adult ticket holder has to make sure that those areas are only visited by those who have reached the required age.

The Hamburg convention center is located in the center of the city, conveniently reachable via public transport. Here can be found here.

The day ticket costs € 34, the 3 day ticket costs € 65. The "Bring your kids" ticket is only valid on Sunday (15.10.) and allows entry for one adult and up to six children under 18 (€ 55).

Nein, ein Tages- oder Drei-Tageticket enthält kein gültiges Ticket für den Nahverkehr in Hamburg. Allerdings kann der Rabattcode Polaris23hvv für 2 € Rabatt beim Ticketkauf genutzt werden.

Yes, there will be tickets available at the event.

Freitag: 10:00 – 19:00
Sonntag: 08:30 – 17:00

Da der Samstag bereits ausverkauft ist, werden wir am Samstag keine Tageskasse haben!

Ja, es gibt Schließfächer im Foyer (Eingang Mitte) gegenüber den Fahrstühlen. Für die Benutzung wird eine 1€-Münze benötigt! Die Dimensionen sind wie folgt: 

27 x 50cm (BxH) bzw. 56 x 50cm (BxH)

Größere Koffer und Taschen können an der Garderobe abgegeben werden.

The question "Where is Adventure Land" is our code question to ask when you need to withdraw from a situation. Simply approach one of our staff members with the question and they will escort you away to figure out a way to best support you.

Approach one of the following people: security staff or any Polaris team members.

Yes, we will publish a registration form soon.

The hybrid mobile game will be connecting content from the physical convention with the digital realm, allowing visitors to collect items, participate in give-aways and make new friends.

Die meisten wichtigen Informationen können den Besonderen Teilnahmebedingungen entnommen werden. Einen traffic guide gibt es hier. 

No, all publicly shown and sold content and products must be appropriate for minors.

You can find more information about our Cosplay guidelines here..

Bis zum 31. August war die Anmeldung möglich. 

Bis zum 1. Oktober kann sich angemeldet werden. Mehr Informationen zu den Bedingungen und Gewinnen finden sich here..

Please note that we will have bag controls for everyone who is entering the convention center. This is to ensure that no dangerous items can be brought in.

Naturally, dangerous items are not allowed to be brought into the convention center. Our team will randomly check bigger bags in the entrance area. All bags that are bigger than standard backpacks have to be stored in the coin lockers or left at the wardrobe.

Absolutely. If you have a "B" or "H" on your document, your helper will receive free entry and be able to get the ticket on-site. We require the necessary documentation to be able to hand out the ticket.

Absolutely! Here is where you will find a map of the convention center and the surrounding area to be able to navigate it more easily. 

Regular dogs are not permitted in the convention center. However, this does not apply to service and police dogs.

*Aus dieser Informationsübersicht sind keine rechtlichen Ansprüche abzuleiten. Änderungen und Irrtümer vorbehalten, aktueller Stand: Juni, 2023