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Your first sticker!

With the official Polaris Con App you have the universe at your fingertips - literally.

Create your own unique avatar, scan friends, get information about all the highlights during the fair und find out quickly what happens where. With the unique Level-Up-System of the Polaris Convention it is possible for users to reach new levels by scanning QR-Codes on site and even increase the world level together with other players.

Your first sticker!

How it works

  • Create a unique avatar
  • Join a team
  • Find all QR Codes & Stickers
  • Level Up & Unlock Outfits
  • Real rewards on site
  • Highlights on site

Create a unique avatar

  • Your Digital Persona will accompany you throughout the event.
  • Choose from 60 different outfits and accessories.
  • Customize the skin and hair color.
  • Be sure to try out the various poses as well.
  • Share your avatar in photo mode to impress others.

Join a team

  • Decide for one of the heroes.
  • Each of them represents one of the 5 areas of POLARIS.
  • Join the team to earn points for it.
  • Each level up adds more points to your team's balance.
  • Reach milestones to unlock great rewards.
  • Tired of your team? You can switch at any time.

Find all QR Codes & Stickers

  • We have hidden 100 stickers all over the site.
  • To unlock them, use the scanner in the app.
  • By scanning QR code stickers you will obtain the stickers.
  • You can also scan other players and add them as friends.
  • On the "Home" screen you can view your QR code.

Level Up & Unlock Outfits

  • For each new sticker but also scanned friends you get points.
  • These points increase the level of your avatar.
  • With a level up you unlock new outfits and accessories.
  • Climb the leaderboard and become the player with the most points.
  • Everyone can see from your look how much you have already discovered.

Real rewards on site

  • Each of your level ups will earn your team points.
  • Once a team reaches a milestone there is a reward.
  • You can collect the reward on the spot via the app.
  • Get rewards from all teams, no matter who you play for.
  • Whether it's games, free items or events, all are possible.

Highlights on site

  • Use the app to stay informed about everything important.
  • Looking for a new title? Use the map!
  • Quickly find the stage program? Click on the stage!
  • Lost in Valdhaym? The map will bring you safely to Neo Taki.
  • Of course, you'll also be notified when rewards are unlocked.